Quality is in our DNA

Quality is the DNA that makes up our organization. Delivering superior quality across all aspects of the customer experience and manufacturing process is what our clients have come to expect of us.
Quality is not just about making good parts – It is the culture and fabric of our organization that pushes us to be proactive, responsive, flexible and innovative with the services and products we offer.

Our Approach

Pegen Industries’ quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Its dedicated inspection department directly reports to our President and is led by an ASQ certified quality manager. It is staffed by experienced technicians, who conduct quality control at all steps of the manufacturing process, working closely with clients to support their specific quality needs.

Value-Added Services

Quality planning

First article inspection
(per AS9102 – “FAI”)

ITR reports

In process inspection

Final inspection reports

Our quality department is fully equipped and utilizes a Hexagon Global 7.10.7 Scan + CMM and Baty CMM inspection vision system, ensuring the tightest tolerances and features of your parts are met. We also use many other types of measuring devices throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you receive the best possible parts and assemblies.


Contact us if you have specific quality requirements for your upcoming project

Download our ISO certificate of Registration here.

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